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Realtime Preemptive Multitasking Operating System

for Integration and Embedding is...

FlexOS (R)

FlexOS is a real-time, multitasking operating system from Integrated Systems Japan Ltd. It provides OEMs, VARs and systems integrators with a software platform that combines fast,predictable response to external events with comprehensive disk,console and network services.

The modular design and industrystandard networking of FlexOS helps you keep component and development costs low and assures FlexOS based systems can be easily integrated with other data processing platforms throughout an enterprise.

Key Features

Open scalable architecture
Protected mode multitasking
Fast,real-time process preemption
Fully integrated disk and console services
Multiuser operation with UNIXstyle security
Application internationalization support
Looks like DOS,programs like UNIX
Self-hosted development on standard PCs
Industry-standard networking

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